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About us

We are a sports association uniting players and clubs of the Mölkka bowling game.

This game is still being developed in Slovakia and we firmly believe
that he will find his firm place among active youth and perhaps also among those (as we already are) "old". The game is intended for everyone who actively uses their free time in the company of their loved ones and friends.

The game Molkky can easily be understood as a kind of alternative
to the very popular game petangue. The origins of the game mölkky can be found somewhere in Russia in the famous game gorodki (surely the monuments will remember it in the cartoon Soviet bestseller Wolf and the Hare). We imported this game from Finland, where it is very widespread and its popularity is still growing.

We have no doubt that this game can "catch" and we believe that it will gain great popularity even among Slovaks, who certainly do not lag behind the Finns in social activities in the slightest.

The Union

Stanislav Ivan

+421 944 240 700

statutory body of the association

Presides over the general assembly

chair the Executive Committee


Veronika Kovácsová - General Secretary of the Association (
Juraj Knaust - Chairman of the Control and Revision Commission

Tomáš Srok - Chairman of the Sports and Technical Commission

Robert Melicher - Chairman of the Arbitration Commission

Tatiana Ivanová - Chairman of the Economic Commission

Matej Jakab - Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee


the highest body of the association

meets every 2 years

the delegates of the DG consist of members of the Executive Committee and members of the Association

elects the president of the union

elects the chairman of the audit committee


Ing. Stanislav Ivan - President of the Slovak Mölkka Association   

+421 944 240 700

legal data

Legal form: Civic association    
Title: Slovak Mölkka Association    
IČO: 42135907    
Registered seat: Vlárska 5 / A    
City: Bratislava - Nové Mesto    
Postcode: 83101    
District: Bratislava III    
Bank: Fio banka as    
Bank code: 8330    
IBAN: SK7783300000002800313047

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