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rules of the game MÖLKKY


Throwing  pin



Laying out the moths at the beginning

moth size

Mölkky numbered from 1  to 12


Distance of moths from the defined throwing area


international rules imo

1. In case the moth has not completely fallen

for referees

It relies on another

None will count

It's on top of another (they cross)

Mole points no. 1

2. If the moth has fallen completely to the ground, all falls shall be counted.

history of MölkkY

Mölkky (molky) is an original Finnish stamp game that comes from the Päijänne Tavastia area of ​​southern Finland. This game is very strikingly reminiscent of the well-known Russian game gorodki (known in Finland as kyykkä). In any case, playing Mölkka does not require high physical condition, as is the case with its older alternative gorodki (kyykkä), and it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical fitness. Molky does not require special tools, of course, except for pins, and success in the game is based only on experience and, as usual, on sports luck.


In 2001, the Finnish Mölkky Association was founded, which annually organizes the Finnish and Mölkky World Championships. However, the first Finnish championships were organized in 1997 in Lahti.


The commercial version of Mölkka was developed by the Finnish company Tuoterengas in 1996.

Mölkky is a very popular game in Finland and Tuoterengas has already sold over 200,000 pieces of this game in Finland.

source: wikipedia

source: wikipedia

Mandatory dictionary
Milky way

  • Hey = hi

  • Oil = beer

  • Tee = tea

  • Leipä = bread

  • Center = center

  • Katu = street

  • Ole hyvä ja kaataa = nalej, prosim

  • Riittää = that's enough

  • En juo jo = I don't drink anymore

  • Haluan mennä kotiin = I want to go home

  • Aion kalastaa = I'm going fishing

  • Kippis = Cheers!

  • Kiitos = thanks

international rules imo

Even if you haven't played this game in your life and never heard of it, you don't have to worry that it will be something very difficult for you :)

The game Mölkky has very easy rules.


Players throw a wooden peg (orig. Fin. Mölkky) into a group of pins (referred to in the text as moles), which are numbered from 1 to 12. Molky are placed in a group 3.5 meters from the throwing point before the game begins.

Players or teams throw after each other.


If a player throws only one numbered pin, the number of points in the value of the number on the mole is counted.

If a player rolls more than one mole, the number of points is counted in the value of the number of rolled pins (eg if he drops 3 moths, 3 points are counted).

After each roll, the moles stand exactly where they landed.


The game is won by the player who manages to score exactly 50 points first.

If one of the players exceeds the limit of 50 points, the number of points is adjusted to 25 and continues.


If a player has less than 37 points and makes a trick , the points recorded in this roll will not count.

If a player has recorded more than 37 points and makes a step down he drops to 25 points.

The player is eliminated from the round if he does not throw any mole 3 times in a row.


Throwing pin (fin. Mölkky): A wooden peg that is thrown at numbered moles. Diameter 55-60 mm, length 220-230 mm. ( picture 1 )


Stamps (domestic moles): Wooden stamps (12 pcs.), Numbered from 1 to 12. Diameter 55-60 mm, length 90-100 / 150-160 mm. ( picture 2 )

Players: Two or more.


Molkari (fin. Mölkkaari): A frame defining the throwing surface (not necessary for the game if you define the playing surface in another way). Width ~ 60 cm and sides ~ 30 cm. ( picture 3 )


Position of the moths at the beginning of the game: The moths are built according to the rules shown in Figure 4 . They are built at a distance of 3.5 meters from the molkari (the frame delimiting the throwing area).

Throwing order: In the first game, players start throwing in the order they choose. In other games, the player following the winner begins. The last player in the game builds moles.


Start of the game: The first player throws the starting throw.


If the moths fall: The moths are placed where they fell (where the moth is at the bottom). Molka does not count as fallen if it does not lie completely on the ground. It is not enough that it is partially fallen and leaning on the second pin.


Counting points: If only one mole falls (it must be complete with a whole part on the ground), the number of points is counted in the value of the number indicated on the mole. If more than one mole falls, a number of points equal to the number of completely fallen moths is counted.

Foul: If a player does not throw any mole, he receives a foul. If a player fouls 3 times in a row, he is excluded from the current game and can continue until the next new game


End of the game: The game ends if one of the players gets exactly 50 points. If one of the players exceeds the value of 50 points, his score is reduced to 25 and continues in the game.


Dimensions of the playing area: at least 4m x 10m, ideally 5.5mx 12m

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