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Slovak Mölkky Open 2023

28 - 30.7.2023


Registered teams (3+1) 
Saturday 29.7

  1. Vitam ABG  (DE)

  2. Puuta Puulle Perkele (FIN)

  3. Metalurg 1

  4. Metalurg 2

  5. Metalurg 3

  6. Amici Miei

  7. Matulove žmölkky

  8. Matulove žmölkky JR

  9. ŽK Dulák

  10. Trinásta Molkka (CZ)

  11. Molkky Bystrc  (CZ)

  12. Albi

  13. Staré časy

  14. Zunako 2

  15. Zunako 1

  16. Promölkky 1

  17. Promölkky 2

  18. SZM

  19. Pampúch

Registered individuals 
Sunday 30.7

1.   Cameron    (Vitamin ABG)

2.   Johannes   (Vitamin ABG)

3.   Roland       (Vitamin ABG)  

4.   Jaro J.        (Metalurg 2)

5.   Miro            (Metalurg 1)

6.   Stano         (Metalurg  2)

7.  Jaro B.        (Metalurg  1)

8.   Sroke         (Amici Miei)

9.   Alena         (Amici Miei)

10. Dušan        (Staré Časy)  

11. Laco           (Promölkky 1)

12. Števo          (Promölkky 1)

13. Anton          (Promölkky 1)

14. Eva             (Promölkky 1)

15. Jožo           (Promölkky 2) 

16. Zuzka         (Promölkky 2)

17. Oto             (Promölkky 2)

18. Tomáš   (SZM)

19. Riško     (SZM)

20. Roman   (SZM)

21. Renča    (SZM)

22. Jarmila   (Pampúch)

23. Ivan        (Pampúch)

24. Mirka      (Pampúch)

25. Andrej    (Pampúch)

26. Trenďo   (Hollywood Vampire) 


A three-day tournament(weekend tournament) 28-30.7


So friends, we have a big tournament coming up in a week!!! We still have four spots left for Saturday's triples tournament. You can also still sign up for Sunday's singles tournament! (This will also be possible on site, but beware, the capacity is only 40 players).

Registration for the triples and singles tournament is possible by email

please enter in the registration email:

 - team name (also for individuals due to display and GDPR)

 - players' names

 - contact for the captain: phone and email

 - city and country where the team is from (if the team members are from several countries, please state all countries)

Please ideally pay the registration fee immediately after sending the email
on the IB
AN: SK7783300000002800313047 (SZM account)

Friday 7/28/2023

16:00 CHECK IN (if you decide to stay at the Event Hotel Kaskády)
17:00 will start with a friendly tournamentSUPER MELEE

Saturday  29/7/2023

10:003+1 tournament until about 18:00
Entry fee:20 euros per person (60 euros for a team of three and 75 for a team of four)
Food is included in the price (when registering, please email us if you are interested in vegetarian food)

and prizes for the winners.
In the evening, the accompanying program of the tournament. MUSIC GAME SITTING. approx. 18:00 to 22:00

Sunday 30.7.2023

10:00 a.m. TOURNAMENT of individuals from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
Entry fee:15 eurosthe price includes lunch, but also prizes for the winners.


is possible directly at the Kaskády event hotel.

ATTENTION: the SMO code must be entered when applying for accommodation

accommodation price for SMO guests:

 1 bed room - 50 EUR per night

 2 bed room - EUR 70 per night 

  3 bed room - 70 EUR per night (2 beds and an extra bed)

Decision making during the tournament

The main referee is Stanislav Ivan

In case of his absence, team captains decide by voting.

Each captain becomes at the same timealso membernom of the decision-making committee during the tournament,

e.g. in case of bad weather or unforeseen events.

We are looking forward to you

Slovak Mölkky Open organizing team

Main organizer:  Patrik Sipos (+421 948 045 585) 
Mölkky Slovak Association

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